Business Process Outsourcing

In the area of business process outsourcing, Target is providing supports clients in managing books of accounts, managing of period tax returns, recruitment and employment services for selected business professions including finance, economics and management. Target has many years experience in managing payrolls for clients with a comprehensive services.


Are you looking for talented employees, who are able to develop and grow alongside the organization??

Now a days employee recruiting campaigns are becoming complex matter that calls for a professional, external intervention. Target business consultants plc helps organizations of various sizes and industries undertake recruitment campaigns of varied scopes. We are applying advanced recruitment tools. Our BPO service based on the type work force and specific need of your business, of course within the area of our specialization. Our dedicated customer care and recruitment specialists can help you find the right candidate for your company and we offer complete staffing solution

Our Services include

  • Service /Product One
    • Large scale recruiting
    • Formulating suitable job profile
    • Screening candidates
    • Operating assessment and interviewing with rich basket of screening tools
    • Out sourcing qualified candidates to the client
    • Generating follow up
  • Service / Product Two
    • We deploy the relevant staff and his/her employment relationship will remain with us. We will be responsible for all benefit packages, payments, leave management.
    • We integrate ours and your performance appraisal system
    • While they are our staff technically (based on contractual relationship) they will integrate the organizational culture of yours.
  • Service /Product Three
    • Payroll management: The contractual relationship of the staff will be the client. Our role will be payroll processing, payments, tax and other social security returns.

        Why BPO service

  1. 1.Cost effectiveness

The cost of handling a particular process by a BPO outfit is much lower than the cost of handling the same process by the client. This is primarily due to lower employee costs and other overheads expenses. This directly boosts the bottom line of the client.

  1. 2.Focus on core competence
  2. 3.Superior competency

BPO services help mitigate risks and secure benefits through a structured, proven     approach. It also ensures consistent and reliable delivery from offshore and acts as an effective Risk Mitigation function. There are huge risks associated with the several investments made by an organization but companies that outsource become more dynamic and are better equipped to   adapt to the changing business environment.

The BPO outfit is committed in providing proven and effective solutions that would enable you to efficiently navigate dynamic business environments.
Target Business Consultants plc can also enjoy the benefits of superior competency of the service provider. An activity that is none-core for the client is a core activity for the service provider. Hence Target Business Consultants plc would be able to deliver superior competency.

  1. 4.Expand volumes, markets and product offerings

Business Process Outsourcing helps in building a dedicated team to strengthen a company’s overall competitiveness that would enable them to concentrate on their core business. This would indirectly help the client to achieve greater volumes, expand markets and product offerings.

Why Target Business Consultant’s plc.

ü  Target business consultants plc have years of experience and specialization gained by working with many clients across diverse industry. UNHCR, SIMNES, Dal group, GOPA GmBH, MEKWOR are among the few organization we delivered the services. See testimonials

ü  Target business consultants plc is a reliable BPO service provider, and can let you focus on your core business function without worrying about various risks associated with employment services.

ü  Target business consultants plc is a portfolio having various professional specialized in business consultancy in various sectors which is a plus capability where clients can benefit from.

ü  Our BPO service is custom tailored to each client’s business model and we will develop customized HR service based on the type of work force and specific needs of your business.

ü  Target Business Consultants professional team also are familiar in depth with the Ethiopian business, good practices, norms and legal contexts which is a valid capability when anyone is dealing with human resources. This and other unlisted experience make us to be selected on the area

To ensure we find you the right people, we need to know about your business. What makes your company great? What are your obstacles and successes? How can you reduce the costs related to turnover? We're not out to sell you on target business consultants plc – we're exploring whether we are a good fit for you.

Every employee you get from us will have gone through a rigorous application, screening and orientation process. We evaluate our employees with our Proprietary Selection Process.

When you trust target business consultants plc with your workforce, you're getting measurably better people.

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