Farmers’Cooperatives and Unions

Target has been providing different consulting services for cooperatives and unions for the last 14 years. Most of the consultancy services were driven by international donor organizations and some of them were based on direct request of cooperatives and unions. Our key services

Advanced Financial Management Training

Coaching and Training : We have provided different training and coaching supports for more than 200 cooperatives and unions in output marketing to enable cooperatives and unions to buy as many output products from their members so that member farmers have better access to market and cooperatives and unions can position themselves in the output marketing. We have also supported many unions engaged in export marketing. We assisted cooperatives to develop innovative and inclusive business plan so that they can address production and marketing concerns of poor members.

Accounting Software: As a partner to multiple small business software, Target has been providing training and implementation support of the introduction of computerized accounting system for more than 20 unions in Ethiopia. We assisted unions to migrate into a computerized accounting and stock recording system from a non-automated handwritten records. In addition, through the support of development partners, auditors of government agencies were trained so that they will not have problems in the course of auditing the computerized accounting system.

Financial Management Training: In collaboration with Agriterra and other consulting firm, we assisted in customization and localisation of training package for farmers cooperative unions in financial management. The training package has a trajectory of basic financial management training, advanced financial management training and supervisory board training. The training has been designed in an interactive way with multiple activities, props and role plays. We can deliver customized training in the context of client requirements

Organization Strategy and Feasibility study: We facilitate development of organizational strategy plan for unions and also conducted multiple feasibility studies for unions. Some of our feasibility studies includes Wheat Flour Mills, Pasta and Macaroni, Cattle fattening and feed processing.