Doing Business in Ethiopia

Investment Opportunities

There are immense opportunities for investment in Ethiopia. Areas of investment includes agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, textile, mining, hydro-power and social services.

Government also develop and avails Industrial Parks for investors. Investors can also build Industrial Parks as well.

Key reasons to invest in Ethiopia?

  • Growing Economy
  • Excellent Climate and Fertile Soils
  • Young and Trainable Labor Force
  • Regional Hub with Access to a Wide Market
  • Competitive Incentive Packages

Please browse the following websites for detail investment opportunities and guidance.

Ethiopian Investment Commission

Licensing and Registration Process in Ethiopia

License and registration process involve certain steps. The steps various depending on the legal form of the business you would like to establish. There are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited private company and share company.

For detail registration steps, click here.

Tax Laws and Regulations

Ethiopian Revenue Authority is responsible for the collection of revenue from custom duties and demotic taxes. It is very important for any one who would like to do business in Ethiopia to understand the prevailing tax laws. Tax laws are presented in the form of proclamation, regulation, directive and circulars.

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