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    Are you interested to know the IN and OUT of a Specific Sector or Sub-sector?

    As a result of the rich experience, we have in the Ethiopian agricultural sector, we help development organizations to determine strategic interventions in their endeavor for agricultural development, through conducting research in the agricultural value chain. Our specialized sub-sectors include oil seeds, grains, livestock, fruits, and vegetables.

    Excellent Network in Multiple Sectors and Regions

    We built excellent network in multiple sectors and regions for the last 18 years, which makes us efficient and practical in conducting multiple sector and regional surveys, assessments, value chain studies and related researches

    Value Chain Studies

    Value Chain Studies

    We study value chains at local government, regional and national level for selected sectors, sub-sectors and products. Studies including practical value chain intervention proposals.

    Investment Opportunity Reports & Feasibility

    Investment Opportunity Reports & Feasibility

    We studied several investment projects and also national level sector based investment opportunity reports.

    Impact Assessments

    Impact Assessments

    We study social impact assessments for large scale projects. We do also audit of animal welfare and bio-security.

    Some of the studies conducted (led by Target team), and in collaboration with partners


    The report explore facts and data about the poultry sector in Ethiopia and provide useful information about the investment opportunity available along the poultry value chain.


    The investment opportunities include input production, supply of day old chicken, hatchery services, processing, slaughtering services, marketing services and other related service provision. The growing population, a growing economy, export opportunities, investment incentives, and many other factors are the reasons why investors should invest in Ethiopia poultry sector


    Dairy Policy Inventory - Ethiopia

    The Document contains the various dairy related policies issued by the government since 1990. The document is very useful for researcher and provide insights about what is missing and available. The document can be updated by incorporating new polices issued then after.


    The study is identified organizational gaps with the Ministry of Agriculture in retaining institutional memories as many documents were collected from ex-staff of the ministries than from the Ministry’s archive.

    Livestock Value Chain - South Omo - Ethiopia

    Hamer woreda of the South Omo zone has a high potential for livestock resources. The rangeland is deteriorated because of the increasing number of livestock and repeated drought, bush encroachment, and poor rangeland management. More than 40% of the people receive grants from the productive safety net program because of their serious food gap resulting from recurring droughts that could have been avoided through the best use of resources.


    The document proposed short-term and long-term strategic interventions to enhance the value chain of the sector, which are still valid though the study was conducted quite a few years ago